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  Welcome to our assistance page

Who are we ?

Efashion Paris is an online marketplace exclusively created for fashion professionnals. Since 2011, Efashion has been showcasing over 400 Parisian fashion wholesalers and allowing buyers to outsource through the largest online catalogue of fashion products for their retail store at the best price. With Efashion, you can select products from different suppliers into one cart, pay online safely and have your order delivered at your door within 48h to 72h for international. 50000 professional buyers from all around the world are already using our services on a daily base to get the best of Parisian fashion for their clients.

We continue to innovate and to serve our client by improving our website and our services at every level than can help them in their sourcing in a stress and hassle-free way which is the modern way of working in fashion by saving you time and money while bringing you flexibility so can stay close to your customer needs and bring them the latest trends.

What are Efashion's services?

Often, suppliers are "only" specialized in the design, manufacture, import and distribution of their product in-store. Sometimes, they may have their own online website where they can wholesale their product but requires them to develop skills in photography, web development, website management, logistics management, customer service, online payment, SEO , social networks, branding, etc ... And even when all these skills are acquired at the expense of many costs and setup time, a customer can only order from them. However, a professional buyer generally orders from several suppliers.
Thanks to Efashion, we offer a marketplace which, on the supplier side, decomplexes the digitization of collections, making it possible to distribute an unlimited number of product choices to professional buyers who can now centralize all their purchases, payment process, track shippings and have a unique contact with a dedicated customer service capable of providing answers to all their questions.

Since 2011, we have been making every effort to provide digital solutions in the service of fashion for professionals.

What are your advantages ?

Since 2011, Efashion has been the largest B2B marketplace in Europe dedicated to fashion. Offering more than 400 French brands, made in France, Italy or China, you will find an almost unlimited choice among the novelties and exclusive offers that are offered to you every day.

Our customer service brings you personalized service from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday by phone, email, Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram whatever your request.

With one click, you can order online from several suppliers at once and track your deliveries in real time from your personal account. Thus, you centralize your information, invoices and control your expenses. We continue to make every effort to improve your experience and best meet your needs.

Who can order on Efashion?

Efashion is a marketplace for fashion professionals only. In order to access the catalogs of our online wholesalers, a French SIRET or SIREN number or European VAT number is required to place an order. As for international out of EU, you may enter your business identification number, Tax number and attach an official document provided by the chamber of commerce or a commercial invoice.

Can I place an order on Efashion if I'm not a professional?

Unfortunately no, our site is only reserved for professionals registered with the chamber of commerce in their region. Suppliers are not allowed to sell to non-professional people.

Why I cannot order on Efashion if I'm not a professional?

The suppliers we work with are professionals who can only sell their product to professionals. They are subject to strict rules and must declare all invoices issued for accounting and tax reasons. Professional buyers must also make their purchase declaration to retrieve the VAT.

I plan to open a shop, can I register ?

Starting a new activity can take time and we can assist you in your products and suppliers research. If you do not already have a VAT number, we can temporaly register your on our platform by checking "I am creating my business".
We will then give you access to our sellers' catalogs for 7 days. You will be able to view each product and have access to the prices.
Beyond this period, you will still be able to log into your customer account but your access will be limited.
We invite you to contact us in order to provide us with your VAT number so that you can update your data and allow you to place an order.

Is it possible to see products or receive product samples to gauge the quality before placing a real order?

If you can come visit, we invite you to go to Aubervilliers where the majority of our suppliers are located, to get yourself familiar with the different names, qualities and collections offered. There are hundreds, even thousands of suppliers of all kinds. Furthermore, it is not customary to send samples.

This is why we only work with the best suppliers and we make sure to assist you in your research via very precise filters that will allow you to find the products you are looking for. However, if you cannot find the products or suppliers you are looking for, please write to us at hello@efashion-paris.com. We continue to do our best in digitizing your business or at least part of it :)

Why is French VAT so high?

The VAT rate is set by the government but rest assured! As a professional, you collect it when you make your purchase declarations. Ask an accountant for more information.

Can I visit your showroom?

We are often asked on this question and our answer is very simple: Our showroom is only visible online. It is the very principle of our concept to help you find products and suppliers easily while offering you a complete service so that you can have access and place order on the most complete professional online catalog with a single click. You save time and money on your trips and restocking so you can focus on your products sales.

As the digital online shopping experience cannot replace the physical experience where you can touch and feel the products, we take particular care to ensure that our photos are as representative as possible. In addition, we work in complete transparency with our suppliers and invite them to put a maximum of products and information online so that you can order online with peace of mind.

What is the minimum purchase amount ?

Minimum purchases are determined by each supplier. They can vary from 0 € to 250 €, but are on average around 80 € tax excluded. This minimum purchase applies to your entire order from a supplier and will be automatically indicated on the supplier's page, as well as on your cart. This practice is absolutely normal for professional purchases, even directly in stores.

How often is your catalog updated?

Our catalog is constantly updated, throughout the day with between 500 and 1500 new products each day depending on the arrival at suppliers. We do our utmost to ensure that suppliers keep their catalog on our site as up-to-date as if you were at their store, but cannot guarantee the availability of all their references online. We strive to remind them that it is essential to have their entire catalog online in order to grant the same opportunities and business opportunities to all professionals who use our services.

What types of suppliers do you work with ?

We are only working with French and independent brands at the moment. Products can be made in China, Italy, France, Turkey or elsewhere. The origin is always indicated on the online product sheet as well as on the product itself. We are working on a maximum diversification of our products because our buyer needs are all different. We currently cover a wide choice of product categories mainly for women, plus size, footwear, leather goods, children's clothing as well as accessories such as scarves, jewelry, etc.

I hesitate to order online because I am afraid of not receiving the same product.

Our suppliers and the products displayed on our site are all located in France. There is therefore no chance that you will receive a different product from what you see online. Being a 100% digital company, the trust of our professional customers is our priority. Thus, it is essential that the products that we post online are as close as possible to reality, which we have been doing and improving since 2011.

Some of the photos are directly uploaded by the suppliers themselves, often directly from their shop as soon as they receive new arrivals. One of Efashion's activities is also to support them by taking photos of their products and putting them online so you have the newest and trendiest items.

Are all products in stock ?

In theory yes because we only sell "pronto". However, we cannot guarantee the availability of articles online on our platform. Indeed, the stock is entirely managed by the suppliers themselves and sell as well in store as on efashion without a centralization of the inventory. It is therefore possible that an article online and available in the morning will no longer be available a few hours later. Note, however, that your cart will be updated according to stock variability.

If you like a product, chances are it will appeal to other customers. Thus, first buyer first served until the end of available stocks.

Where do your products come from ?

The origin of every item is specified when putting it online and displayed on the product description. The products are mainly made in China, France and Italy.

Are the items in my cart reserved ?

Until the payment of your order, the products are not reserved or on hold. Even when added to your cart, their availability may vary. In case of out of stock, they will be automatically deleted.

Are the prices of the items the same as in their shop ?

Our suppliers are committed to give you the same price as in their shop. We add nothing to the established price.

If you notice discrepancies, or find cheaper elsewhere, do not hesitate to let us know.

Can I use the photos in your catalog ?

You have the right to use the photos once the order has been made. You will also be able to download them directly from your customer profile, by clicking on the details of your order.

Is it possible to change the composition of packages ?

When the items are sold in packages (colors / size variations), it is not possible to change the breakdown. We invite you to use the filters available to display the products that are sold individually or in the color of your choice.

How to register on efashion?

Registration is free for professional buyers, you just have to fill in the registration form here: https://www.efashion-paris.com/en/compte-inscription/ with your VAT document.

If your information are valid, your account will be activated immediately. If this is not the case, a manual verification will be proceed and you will be informed within 48 hours of the confirmation or of a request for additional information for the validation of your professional account.

Efashion's services are exclusively reserved for fashion professionals. The information you provide will be verified by our team and your account activated in less than 48 hours. Beyond this period and without return from us, we invite you to contact us.

Registration allows you to have access to all the references available, at all prices as well as to benefit from all of Efashion's services including sending, monitoring, invoicing and centralizing your purchases from multiple suppliers .

Why is my personal information verified?

Efashion is a marketplace for fashion professionals. The site is not open to the public or to individuals.
Thus, in order to ensure the protection of our wholesalers, we make every effort to control each request for access to our site.

May I change my personal information ?

By logging into your account, you can update your personal information in "my account > my information" or "my addresses". If you need to update your brand name or your VAT number or if you encounter any difficulties, we invite you to contact our customer service by email at +33153279108 or write to us at service@efashion-paris.com, via chat or social networks.

Is my personal information secure?

Protecting and securing your data is important to us.

Regarding your personal data, we make sure to comply with the legislative provisions applicable in French law in terms of data protection.

If you want to know more about all the data we collect and how it is processed you will find all the details of our privacy policy below:


I forgot my password, what can I do?

On the homepage click on LOG IN, then on forgotten your password?. After entering your username (email address) your password will be immediately sent. If your email address is no longer valid, please contact our customer service directly on +33 (0) 1 53 27 91 08.

Can I choose my delivery method ?

Since 2011, we have been working with 3 international carriers (UPS, DPD France, Colissimo) to ship your orders to offer you the best option. In addition, an Efashion advisor can direct you to the transport solution that will best meet your needs.

We work with different transport partners, each offering different services adapted to the different destinations served and available on our platform.

You can access the prices and delivery times at any time from your cart after clicking on “Calculate shipping costs”.

Finally, be aware that you can also use your own carrier for shipping your orders. In this case, you take responsibility for the transport of your packages. Of course, our team will assist you in the process if necessary. It is therefore necessary to fill in the information of the carrier in "my carriers" by filling in all the fields. In addition, Efashion offers a "groupage service" which allows you to collect your purchases from different suppliers at a single collection point directly in the Efashion warehouse.

Will I receive different orders in one delivery?

If you have selected UPS or Efashion groupage with your own carrier, you will receive all your different packages together. In this case, Efashion is in charge to ship your order as quickly as possible as soon as the order is ready at the supplier.

If you select Colissimo, DPD or UPS (without consolidation), the shipments will be scheduled for the same day either the next day as soon as the orders are ready, or within 24 to 48 hours maximum as the suppliers working with Efashion agree.

What is parcel consolidation?

Parcel consolidation allows you to reduce your shipping costs, benefiting from a service entirely managed by our logistics team.

The parcels are collected from the suppliers and gathered in a single point of collection to send them all together from our warehouse. About 48 hours will be needed to collect parcels and ship them.

This option is also available with your own carrier.

Can I pick up my parcels myself?

You have the option of picking up the parcels yourself in the store without any problem if you are a French customer. To do this, you must select the "direct withdrawal from supplier" option and notify the wholesaler of a date for collection. The order will be ready, paid, you simply need to come and collect the items.

If you are a foreign customer, you will need to complete a declaration of exit from the territory at the supplier which will justify the clearance of the products and their non-taxation.

Which countries do you deliver to and what are the delivery times?

We work with the best carriers on the market (UPS, DPD, Colissimo) able to deliver anywhere in the world regardless of the country of destination and continue to develop our partnerships for even faster and more economical shipments.

As soon as the packages are in the hands of the carrier, delivery in France is generally done within 24 hours.
For shipments to European countries, allow between 48h and 72h.
For shipments outside of Europe, allow between 48 hours and a week for the furthest destinations.

It would be far too complicated for us to show you a detailed shipping cost table according to the different carriers and with the different zones but please be aware that thanks to our shipping calculation system fully connected with the shipping and pricing system of our carriers, you will get an accurate, fixed shipping cost estimate in your cart based on the products you have added to it. So, no surprises neither at ordering or delivering.

How can I track my package?

Once your order has been shipped, the tracking of your package is visible in your account in "My Orders", in the details of each order. By clicking on the parcel number, you will then be redirected to the carrier's site where you can follow the delivery of your parcels in real time.

If you cannot find a tracking number while the order status is "shipped", we invite you to contact our customer service by email on +33153279108 or write to us at service@efashion-paris.com, via chat or social networks.

If the tracking number indicates that none are available, it means that your package has not yet been flashed by the carrier.

How do I do if I am not present on the day of delivery?

In case of absence, carriers may attempt a second delivery on the next working day. Beyond that, depending on the carrier, a note will be left to you and you will then have to follow the instructions given in order to collect the package. After a certain period, in the event of no show, the package will be returned to the sender. Therefore, if you want the reshipment, you will have to pay again for shipping.

At anytime, you will find the tracking of all your packages directly from the order details on your Efashion account.

What is the price of a delivery

The price depends on the weight and volume of your order, but also on your location, the number of parcels and the carrier you choose. 

We invite you to click on "Calculate your shipping fees" on your cart to kow the real price.

How do you calculate the shipping costs ?

The price depends on the weight and volume of your order, but also on your location and the carrier you choose. Thus, we measure the weight of all the products on the site in order to estimate the shipping cost as closely as possible regardless of the carrier used.

My delivered package is damaged, what should I do?

Upon delivery of the order, you are required to check the condition of the package. In the event of an anomaly relating to the parcel (damaged, open parcel, ...), you must refuse the delivery by issuing immediately a statement of anomaly.

In the event of delivery accepted without condition, Efashion as well as the wholesaler cannot be held responsible for the damages occurred during the transport.

Can I contact a supplier directly?

We cannot disclose the contact information of our suppliers. For any order placed via our site, we invite you to contact us directly for its treatment, follow-up or claim. As a marketplace, our mission is to provide a complete and daily service by supporting you in your activity and by setting up useful processes that save you time and money.

We therefore invite you to contact our customer service by email at service@efashion-paris.com, by phone at +33153279108 or via Whatsapp +33652562535 or via social networks Instagram and Facebook.

Do you dropshipping?

We do not do dropshipping which allows resellers to ship orders they receive directly from the supplier to the final buyer. Under no circumstances is this practice authorized on Efashion. All payments and purchases are cash. In other words, orders must be paid at time of purchase. There is no credit possible.

Before ordering, how can you be sure of making the right choice ?

Ordering online can be challenging even for the expert professional buyers. However, since 2011 we have been striving to offer you an online service that will allow you to be more responsive for your business thanks to fast delivery. So, rather than crumbling under inventory, restock easily. You too will save time and money by sparing yourself an often distant, tiring and expensive trip while a few click can give you access to hundreds of new products every day. Thus, as an Efashion member, take advantage of all the advantages of digital with a dedicated customer service that will ensure you a fast and efficient follow-up for all your request. On Efashion, you are sure to make the right choice!

You will find detailed descriptions of all products on our site with prices, compositions, origin, sizes, packages and photos uploaded directly by the supplier or by our studio team.

On Efashion, you are at the right place because we work with the best suppliers in Paris and Aubervilliers, the number one international destination for trendy fashion, at low prices and for all tastes! If you are not yet convinced, come and see for yourself directly on site! Thus, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the brands that you like and that you will find on Efashion.

Which is the minimum amount to be able to order?

Minimum purchases are determined by the suppliers. They can vary from 0 € to 200 € for the more prestigious brands, but are on average around 80 € tax excluded. This minimum purchase concerns your entire order from the same supplier and will be automatically indicated on each vendor page, as well as on your basket.

On request, be aware that vendors have the option of reducing the minimum purchase amount for you to be able to finalize an order if necessary. For this, we invite you to contact our customer service.

What is the composition of a pack?

Wholesalers sell their products in pre-defined and fixed packaging. Each package is composed in a different way (color, size, quantity). The breakdown are detailed in the product description and can be :

- By color with a minimum quantity in pre-defined sizes;
- In mixed colors, with quantities and sizes by pre-defined colors in a package;
- Size to choose, you choose the quantity, color and size you want;
- Individually, there is no choice of size but you decide the quantity;

You will be able to refine your searches via the filters in any category of products. However, you must always respect the minimums indicated.

Finally, be aware that Efashion does not have the possibility to modify the packs.

What do the order statuses mean?

When you place an order, several statuses allow you to follow the progress. During the preparation of your parcels, wholesalers will update the status:

Pending for confirmation: The wholesaler has received your order. He checks the availability of articles.

Order confirmed, waiting for shipment: Your order is ready to ship. The wholesaler is waiting for the carrier.

Ready for pick-up: The package is ready. One of our drivers will pick up the parcel at the wholesaler.

Pick-up made: The parcel was picked up by our driver. It is now available to the selected carrier.

Order shipped: The order has been delivered to the carrier. It should arrive very soon.

In case of out of stock, how can you refund me?

When you place an order, Efashion cannot guarantee the availability of the items ordered. In case of out of stock, efashion agrees to refund the goods by recalculating your shipping costs, to deduct this amount to your initial payment if it was made by credit card.

If you have paid by bank transfer, your bank details will be requested to refund the amount due.

The invoice is edited by the wholesaler and it will always be included in your package.

If it is not the case, you can download it online from your My Account> My Orders> Invoice.

Your transport invoice, edited by Efashion, will also be available online, just right after your order's confirmation.

I have just paid for an order but it does not appear in my order history.

If you do not see your order appear, it is possible that a technical error has occurred. In this case, check that the products are no longer in the basket. If the products you think you ordered are still there, the payment may have failed. We invite you to proceed to the payment again for your order because the order has not been taken into account.

If you no longer see your products in the cart and the order does not appear either in your order history, we invite you to contact our customer service by email at service@efashion-paris.com by sending them the payment receipt that you should have received by email.

What kind of payment do you accept?

You may pay for your purchases by bank transfer (allow a longer time for processing and shipping the order) or by credit (VISA, MASTERCARD) card and American Express.

Payments by PayPal are not accepted.

Is your online payment system secure?

efashion guarantees the security of your bank information. Our system does not allow online payment without validation of the code 3D SECURE, to ensure the verification of the holder of the bank card by authenticating the payment. Usually, you receive this code via text message.

When do you debit the amount of the card?

Once the payment by credit card is processed, we have a pre-authorization for the total amount of your order. Your account will be debited 5 to 7 days later. This period allows us, among other things, to readjust your payment in the event of out of stock requiring a refund.

I want to change my payment method, how can I do it?

You have selected wire transfer payment and would like to change to credit card? We invite you to contact our customer service as soon as possible to modify your request. Thus, the products will be returned to your basket and you will be able to finalize your purchase again.

If you have paid by credit card, it will not be possible to change the means of payment because the taking into account is immediate.

I don't like an item, can I return it?

If you change your mind after your received one or more items, you have the option of filling a request by contacting our customer service by email within 7 days of receipt at service@efashion-paris.com. Past this time, request will not be accepted.

The wholesaler reserves the right to accept or not the return of the goods.

In this case, the return costs will be at your expense and you will receive a store credit from this supplier.
In practice, no reimbursement/refund are authorized, only the store credit can be issued by wholesalers.

I received a defective item or the wholesaler made a mistake in my order. What should I do?

If you are in this situation, we apologize for the inconvenience and we invite you to contact our customer service by email at service@efashion-paris.com by formulating in detail the subject of the complaint and attaching the photos of the concerned items.

Our team will then make every effort to offer you a solution within 24-48 working hours.

In case of return, who pays the fees?

If the fault comes from the supplier or Efashion, a prepaid return label will be sent to you by email in order to proceed with the return, by La Poste (local post office) or UPS. You will then have no fees to advance. You will then have 7 days to return the merchandise.

What is the deadline for making a claim?

You have a period of 7 days from the date of delivery to send us your complaint. Beyond that, suppliers may refuse to process your request.

Did you receive my return package?

All return packages are processed within a maximum of 5 days. We invite you to follow the delivery of your package with the tracking number of your label.

Why selling on Efashion ?

Efashion is a marketplace for fashion professionals. Since 2011, we have been digitalizing the products of French suppliers so that professional buyers (shops, resellers and distributors) can order easily and quickly online the latest arrivals and collections in all product categories such as women, large sizes, shoe, leather goods, men and kids.

Today, more than 450 suppliers have placed their trust in us and ship the orders of our tens of thousands of buyers every day in France and internationally. Like them, join us and sell your products online on our marketplace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without borders and on your terms.

For more information, please fill contact us by email at hello@efashion-paris.com or fill the form here :

What advantages can Efashion bring me?

In 2020, if you are not online, you do not exist in the eyes of many professional buyers who shop online because the logistics and digital infrastructures now allow you to benefit from many advantages by selling online.

Efashion allows you to have an immediate and targeted presence for all professional buyers who consider us today as a reference in B2B fashion.

Many exclusive tools are at your disposal as Efashion Vendor such as sponsorship of new buyers to Efashion to whom you make benefit from a 10% discount on all the orders they place on our site, at our expense ;)

You give your customers a simple and easy way to securely order the latest arrivals you put online. You also give to more than 50,000 buyers the chance to discover your collection and display it to their customers. You multiply your presence and the influence of your brand.

I'm worried that my competitors will copy my designs and my style, how can I be sure my products are safe?

Access to a Vendor account limits you to the management of orders and your catalog. You will not have access to new collections from your competitors, for example, unless they authorize it. Thus, you decide how much exposure the products you put online are visible to everyone or only to registered buyers.

We carefully check the identity and activity of all buyers who register on our site so that you can focus on your collections and orders.

In addition, there are hundreds, see thousands of new products every day on our site and if a malicious person wishes to unravel your manufacturing secrets, they will get there one way or another but by the time that it succeeds, you will already have a head start on your next project ;)

What is your commission?

Since 2011, we have been working as an agent for our different brands by offering them a borderless online presence and 24/7 access to their catalog, guaranteed payments and personal back office access.

Our commission is "only" 10% on the total amount of sales, which is little compared to the 15% or even 20% that some "traditional" agents can take.

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