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Delivery | EFashion Paris

Choose the delivery method

With EFashion Paris, you can use your usual carrier. However if you do not have one, a list is at your disposal, plus an EFashion Paris counselor can tell you which transport company usually works best for your area. Note that carriers can combine different orders going to the same location and it is imperative to create an account with them. 
Efashion lets you enjoy the preferential fares of Coliposte. Rates and delivery times are available in your shopping cart after clicking on "Calculate postage". The fare is approximately calculated on the basis of each item based and according to your location. Delivery is made within 48 hours for France and 5 days for overseas territories and abroad. You can track your shipment online with the package number that will be sent by email. 

Grouping the delivery of an order placed with different suppliers: 
All carriers combine your orders (except Coliposte). This allows you to pay only one shipping fare. Packages will be picked up at the wholesalers’ at the indicated date. Note that when organizing a grouping with a non-partner carrier, you are responsible for organizing the pickups.

Make a note in the comment field in « step 2 » of the order to tell the date of the collective shipment in order that no wholesaler misses it.

 Delivery times: 

It takes between one and two days for EFashion Paris and the wholesalers to process your order. Delivery time may increase depending on the carrier you choose. Regarding Coliposte, delivery is made within 48 hours for France and 5 days for overseas territories and abroad. 

Date of your order Date of shipment of your package
Sunday to Thursday Day After
Friday Tuesday

You will receive a confirmation email at the time of shipment (starting in our warehouse provider). It should be noted that efashion-paris.com can not be responsible for any delay in delivery, see our Terms & Conditions (Article 7. Delivery).

Delivery Price: 

The price depends on the weight and volume of your order, but also on your location and the carrier you choose. We invite you to contact them for information. You can see the weight on the page of the selected item or when it is in the cart. If you choose Coliposte, shipping costs will appear on the order summary.


Attention: The shipping costs with Coliposte can be very high if you buy shoes. Indeed because of the volume, we must send one reference per parcel. We recommend shipping by another carrier.